Support  //  Texpad OS X Release Notes  //  Version 1.7.5
Version 1.7.5

A maintenance updating, fixing a number of bugs.

  • Word count improvements
  • Texpad will detect corruption in Biber cache and reset automatically
  • \input statements without braces are supported by parsers
  • Starred \include {document} is supported by parsers
  • Your bibliography appears in the outline view
  • Pin/unpin setting for the pdf toolbar
  • Bugfixes for
    • Issue that could cause documents not to be opened in rare cases
    • 80 Char wrap of lines with no possible break points
    • Typeset Autosense when using biblatex
    • White stripe down the edge of the outline view when mouse with wheel plugged in
    • Image files that did not appear instantly in the outline
    • The parser when there is whitespace and commands between commands/arguments
    • Outline view file browser so that it updates with changes disk
    • Hang in rare circumstances
    • Biblatex commands insert the file extension when autocompleting
    • Global search
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