Exporting Files out of Texpad
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Accessing Texpad Files via Files app

Like all iOS apps, Texpad allows users to store their documents in its private, local storage that is not visible to other apps except for the app called Files. This Files app is the centralised file management system provided by iOS. It carries the following icon,


and is available both on iPad and iPhone. In this app, you’ll find various document sources listed. One such source is labelled On My iPad (or On My iPhone), which contains a folder for each app that allows its users to store documents,


You’ll find Texpad listed here. The contents of the Texpad folder here will reflect the contents of Texpad’s local storage. All files you’ve stored to Texpad’s local storage will appear here. Below you can see two equivalent screenshots, one showing the Texpad folder in Files app, and the other the local storage (labelled iPad) in the Documents’ pane in Texpad.


Manage and Share Texpad Files in Files app

Files app allows you to manage your Texpad documents without opening the Texpad. This includes exporting Texpad files out, importing files into Texpad (into its local storage named iPad or iPhone in the Documents pane), sharing files with other apps, emailing them, WhatsApping them, AirDropping them, printing them, backing them to a backup of your choice and much more.

Files app truly allows you to do all that you’re used to doing in Finder on macOS or File Explorer on Windows, and indeed much more.

See Apple’s guide on how to organise your files using Files app by clicking here.