Searching various locations of interest (tags) in your project
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The Jump to window will search all symbols in your document in a tolerant manner to help you navigate quickly to figures, files, citations, section titles and more.

Getting started

Press Cmd-Shift- O to bring up the Jump To window. Type in the name of a section, a filename, a citation key, label key, or even a line number and the jump to window will display any partial or whole matches for that key. Click on the result to jump to it, or press - Escape to leave the Jump To window.

Keyboard Navigation

The jump to window is designed to be fully navigable via the keyboard, in fact it is designed primarily with the keyboard in mind.

  • Cmd-Shift- O: open the jump to window
  • - Esc: close the jump to window.
  • - &#8593, &#8595: The up and down arrows let you navigate the jump results.
  • - Enter: Press enter on a global search result to close the window and jump to that result in the text.