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Research is hard, writing should be easy.
LaTeX and more...
Create beautiful PDFs for your written word using the power LaTeX in a modern environment.
Native apps, intuitive UI
Beautifully crafted Mac and iOS apps designed to make writing, compiling and sharing your work.
Smart editing
Advanced, customisable features to aid writing LaTeX.
Smart typesetting
Smart and auto-typeset features to bring you the power of LaTeX with the ease of a word processor.
In-built PDF viewer
See the typeset output right inside the app.
Document structure
Texpad understands your LaTeX source and presents the contents for easy navigation.
Error handling
Track your LaTeX errors easily with 'jump to line' table of errors and warnings.
Connect & Sync
Use Texpad Connect to sync your projects across desktop or mobile devices. (Optional)
Markdown to LaTeX conversion with PDF output.
Join thousands of academics and professional writers in harnessing the power of LaTeX to produce polished output of your writing.
Rich editor
A rich editor built to help you write in the most efficient way.
Autocomplete LaTeX commands, references and citations.
Syntax highlight your LaTeX code.
Search across the full project.
Rich suite of editing aids.
Customise to suit your writing needs.
Sync what you write across all your devices using Texpad Connect.
and much, much more.
Painless typesetting
With Texpad, generating PDFs from your LaTeX source is a doddle.
Texpad reads your LaTeX code & auto-senses what LaTeX tools are needed to generate the output PDF.
Save time with Texpad's smart typeset — typeset what's changed, nothing more, nothing less.
Auto-update PDF with Texpad's auto-typeset.
Configure beyond basic typeset — bibliographies, indices, LaTeX woven with R code, and more.
Errors in your LaTeX source are flagged as a list that you can get on with fixing.
and much, much more.
Available for Mac and iOS.
Texpad macOS
Texpad macOS
Try out the fastest and most pleasurable way to write LaTeX documents on your Mac.
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Texpad macOS
Texpad iOS
Get the best LaTeX environment for your iPad and iPhone.
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Texpad is an editor and a productivity tool for academic and professional writing.
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