Using Texpad on pre-release (beta) OS versions
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Due to the unstable and constantly changing nature of all beta releases, we do not officially support beta versions of macOS. When Apple release the Golden Master we release an update to Texpad that takes care of any compatibility issues. Please note that we strongly recommend you do not install any beta software on your primary machine, as there could well be issues with either the operating system, Texpad, or other software that will affect your workflow.

However, if you do decide to install a beta version, we keep this page up to date with any information about Texpad’s compatibility with those operating systems.

 macOS Big Sur Public Beta (Summer 2020)

There are a few reported issues with Texpad and the Big Sur beta. Not all occur in all cases, but those that do can be quite crippling, so we can’t recommend upgrading to Big Sur at this point. We intend to push a compatibility fix Late August/Early September once the Big Sur Betas have stabilised. The known issues (as of beta 5) are

  • When Texpad is in fullscreen mode, the toolbar is unresponsive
  • A crash with documents containing some graphics
  • A crash that appears to be specific to Big Sur, but that we cannot reproduce right now

Prior to Beta 5 there were issues with black boxes on the PDF viewer (both inside Texpad, but also in other apps like Preview), and issues with File Access Permissions in Texpad. These appear to have been resolved by Beta 5.

If you encounter any issues, whether listed above or not, please email us at with details, and we will get to work on it.

Apple Silicon

We have tested Texpad on Apple Silicon, and there are no issues we know of (other than those with Big Sur in general). Over the summer we will start to distribute Texpad as a Fat Binary for both ARM and Intel processors.