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Version 1.7.0

Texpad 1.7 is our biggest update yet, in fact is more a new app than it is an update. We hope you like it, and as always, if you have any feedback, please let us know at


Typesetting has been rewritten, streamlined and upgraded. CMD-B, CMD-I, CMD-L etc. have been dropped in favour of a single CMD-T, which should do the right thing in every situation, if it does not, we consider that a bug and we would like to hear about. That said, the auto-sense can be overridden and Texpad’s typesetting is more configurable than ever before. Additionally native support has been added for Sweave, Knitr, Plain TeX, ConteXt, etc.

  • Automation
    • Typeset configuration deduced from your document including but not limited to indices(including glossaries, acronyms, etc.), shell escape, bibliography, Knitr, Plain TeX, BibTeX/Biber.
    • Texpad’s new Smart typesetting drops unnecessary typeset runs, which greatly speeds up typesetting.
    • Auto-Typeset uses the smart typesetter to update bibliographies and indices without losing any performance.
  • New Typesetter UI
    • New configuration dropdown exposes the full typeset configuration per-document if you wish to override the Automatic typesetter.
    • The errors and log have been moved to a toolbar dropdown to stop them interfering with your PDF view, and we have added an indicator of typeset status on the toolbar itself.
  • In addition to LaTeX, there is now builtin support for
    • Knitr/Sweave
    • Context
    • Plain TeX
  • There is no need to save a document before typesetting. Paste a snippet of TeX into a new window, and typeset to a PDF without ever having to save it to disk.


  • Edit multiple files side by side in the new tabbed editor.
  • The new look toolbar is now collapsible, saving valuable screenspace on small laptops.
  • New wrapping modes for the editor
    • Hanging indent
    • 80 character hardwrap
  • New syntax highlighter
    • Fixes many issues with old highlighter such as dollar signs in begin/end verbatim.
    • Adds highlighting support for inline R, Sweave, Python, Lua, Haskell.
    • Highlighting support for R files from within Texpad.
  • Spellcheck is LaTeX aware. LaTeX commands are now ignored by the Spell checker.
  • New outline view
    • Document information displayed in the outline, e.g. Word Count.
    • Updates much faster than the 1.6.x outline.
    • In addition to original document structure view, there are now lists of Labels, Figures, Tables in the outline.
    • You can reference any outline item in your document by dragging and dropping it onto the editor.
    • Browse and manipulate project files from the outline.
    • The cursor position is indicated in realtime in the outline - you never need get lost again.
  • Window configuration is persisted, your documents will pick up just as you left them.
  • Share button on the toolbar, email a zip of your entire project directly from Texpad.

  • Global Search

    • The Global search results have been moved to a dropdown to stop them interfering with your PDF view, and we refreshed the UI.
    • Regex support has been added to the global search.
  • Jump to (new)

    • CMD-SHIFT-O will open the new jumpto window, type part of label, file, section, citation name and Texpad will jump the editor straight there.

PDF view

  • New PDF toolbar
    • Zoom buttons have moved to the toolbar, and you can now click the percentage to alter it manually.
    • Page count added to the toolbar.
  • If you have an external screen, click the monitor icon, choose the screen and your PDF will be displayed on that external monitor.
  • Synctex Lock: turn this on and the editor and PDF will scroll as one.


  • New clearer, preferences window.
  • New organiser window.
  • External changes are handled more smoothly now.
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