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Menu Option Explanation
The Outline button in the top left corner will slide the editor screen to the right and reveal the document outline view.
Tap the Search button to hunt for a search term in all open files. If you are familiar with regular expression (regexes), any term surrounded by forward slashes will be interpreted as a regex, for example searching for /state[sd]?/ will return instances of state, states and stated.
The settings button will open an abbreviated settings window. You can choose to typeset in either the cloud or locally from here, you can also select the editor font and size.
The Typeset button will start and stop typesetting (please choose from cloud or local in the settings menu). Whilst the typeset is in progress the button will spin - pressing it a second time will cancel the typeset.
Press the Log button to view any errors or warnings raised by LaTeX during the previous typeset. If there are no issues but you wish to see the log anyway, then please press it a second time.
Tap the PDF button to see the PDF created by LaTeX. When working with Markdown there is no need to typeset explicitly, simply press this button and the document will be re-typeset if there have been changes since the previous typeset.