The Texpad iOS Keyboard

Choosing a Keyboard

Texpad comes with two keyboards, you can choose between them by using the editor preferences

  • Texpad Keyboard This keyboard has been written specifically for LaTeX. Right now, it has not been localised for languages other than English. See below for further information on how to use the Texpad Keyboard.

  • Regular Keyboard This is the standard iOS keyboard. You may wish to use it if you are used to keyboard layouts other than English, or if you want to use

Bluetooth keyboard

If you want to use the bluetooth keyboard you should choose the Regular Keyboard from Texpad’s editor preferences.

Texpad Keyboard

The Texpad keyboard is specifically designed for entering and manipulating LaTeX. The main keyboard pane is essentially identical to the regular iOS keyboard, except it has an extra backslash key to the left of the a key. The numbers and symbol panes are similar, but they have been rearranged to bring

At the top right of the keyboard there is a triangle button. Press this to reveal the mini-keyboard with additional LaTeX specific buttons.

To the right of the spacebar there is a blue Magic button. Press this to switch the keyboard into a LaTeX specific mode.

Edit pane

This contains buttons intended to make editing easier. Touch the move button and drag your finger to move the caret. Similarly touching and dragging the select button will select a region of text. Press the indent and comment buttons then drag left to indent, unindent, comment or uncomment selected text.


Snippets pane

The snippets pane contains a list of small LaTeX shortcuts. For example, select a region of text and press the Bold snippet to enclose the text in a \\textbf{} tag.


Symbols pane

This is a list of LaTeX symbols. Press the symbol and the correct LaTeX sequence will be entered into the editor.


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