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Texpad 1.7.45 (231)

Mon 2 Oct 2017 11:10:57 BST

  • Fixes for issues arising from High Sierra release
    • Crash when opening document
    • Crash when scrolling
    • Lag when opening, or after typesetting, documents that use hyperref or other pdf link annotations

Auto-update from within Texpad or download here

Texpad 1.7.44 (216)

Mon 24 Jul 2017 11:44:57 CEST

  • Bug fix for temporary font change when changing settings.

Auto-update from within Texpad or download here

Texpad 1.7.43 (210)

Fri 23 Jun 2017 15:37:43 CEST

  • Bugfixes for
    • Problem where a cursor could end up active in two windows at the same time
    • Problem where hanging indent would appear to be applied even when it is turned off
    • Problem that could stop Texpad transferring the file to a new encoding
    • Problem that could cause the typeset wheels to keep spinning after a successful typeset

Auto-update from within Texpad or download here

Texpad 1.7.42 (193)

Wed 3 May 2017 16:52:52 BST

  • Pdf Viewer additions

    • Clickable weblinks
    • Added zoom to fit option
    • Non continuous individual page view
  • Fixes for

    • Problem with toolbar drawing on Mavericks
    • Placeholders with autocomplete when hanging indent is turned on
    • Viewer holding position under resize
    • Autosense for documents containing Japanese characters with LuaTeX and ljts classes
    • Outline parsing ignores anything beyond \end{document}
    • Premature line wrapping after 12 tabs
    • Backspace with 1-space tab key setting
    • Smart typeset running more times than necessary with an \inputed subfile
    • Autosense fix for dad package
    • Autosense with microtype
    • Support for file loading with \cvsection command

Auto-update from within Texpad or download here

Texpad 1.7.41 (172)

Mon 6 Mar 2017 08:09:13 GMT

  • Fix for
    • Performance issues with editor in large files, especially when using a non-native screen resolution
    • Potential freeze in very rare circumstances when opening specific documents
    • Lag when changing files on a TouchBar mac
    • Zoom keys on external screen
    • Slight visual glitch with editor
    • PDF printing problem originating in 1.7.39
    • Bug with pdf viewer that could cause crashes in rare cases
    • Bug so that bibtex entries containing non-ASCII characters in the cite keys would not appear in the autocomplete list
    • Autosense & Wordcount in unsaved documents

Auto-update from within Texpad or download here

Texpad 1.7.40 (163)

  • Fix for crash with force full typeset introduced in 1.7.39

Texpad 1.7.39 (155)

  • Fix for
    • Problem with updater that causes it to unnecessarily ask for the password during updates
    • Fix for BibTeX autocomplete when using the bibtex concatenation operator #
    • Lag in pdf view with certain vectorial images
    • Problem with the new toolbar that could make it impossible to open up the global search window
    • Problem introduced in a Sierra update that meant the Jump to window would not dismiss with the escape key
    • Tpbuild scripts not selectable in the typeset config dropdown
    • Bibliography compilation for tex files with multiple periods in the filename
    • LuaLaTeX autosense

Texpad 1.7.38 (148)

  • Fix for problem opening documents in some circumstances caused by the toolbar

Auto-update from within Texpad or download here.

Texpad 1.7.37 (143)

  • New look toolbar
  • Fix for
    • Texpad under splitview
    • toolbar/editor dividing line
    • problem where double tapping the top 22px of the window will minimize/maximize, but double tapping within the toolbar view won’t
    • problem where double tapping the toolbar would not zoom the window (when chosen in System Preferences)
    • splitindex typesetting

Auto-update from within Texpad or download here.

Texpad 1.7.36 (135)

  • Fix for bug when pressing cmd-J and scrolling the pdf viewer
  • Fix for bug when resizing the pdf viewer that caused the page to move
  • Fix for crash with PDF viewer in rare circumstances
  • Fix for minted autosense when outputDir flag is set
  • Fix for crash on bootup in rare circumstances
  • Fix for bug in typeset configuration dropdown that could cause the UI to go out of sync slightly with the typeset configuration

Auto-update from within Texpad or download here.

Texpad 1.7.35 (127)

  • Performance improvements for large files with full outline views
  • Fix for outline filtering on \subsubsection and \paragraph

Texpad 1.7.34 (123)

  • Fix for problem on yosemite where characters could be hidden when using a font not containing that character

Texpad 1.7.33 (120)

  • Many performance improvements
  • Many memory usage improvements
  • Global search crash fix
  • Miscallaneous crash fixes
  • Fix for tab title updating when using SyncTeX scroll lock

Texpad 1.7.32 (104)

  • Fix for crash when clicking the new pdf viewer in a blank page
  • Fix for typing lags and hang
  • Fix for memory leak
  • Fix for text selection in rotated pages with the new pdf viewer
  • Fix for home/end buttons
  • Fix for zoom with CMD-+

Texpad 1.7.31 (100)

  • Bug fixes for
    • Crash when saving workspace state
    • Hang on Sierra
    • Infinite scrolling issue in the new pdf viewer
    • Rotated pages on the new pdf viewer (pdflscape)
    • Crash when clicking a url link in the new pdf viewer
    • TPC notifications
  • Blue links on the pdf viewer only show when hovering
  • Added an option to have a separator between pdf pages
  • Line number view colouring matches the editor theme

Texpad 1.7.30 (94)

  • Fix for Application Transport Security
  • Fix for crash when logging into TPC
  • Fix for crash when printing a PDF
  • Fix for problem where the typeset controls would not appear
  • Fix for problem with the tab bar that made it not clickable
  • Fix for premature closing of subfile
  • Fix for crash when editing

Texpad 1.7.29 (83)

  • PDF Viewer

    • New rewritten viewer to solve memory leak problem with certain PDFs, and many other bugs
    • New thumbnail view
    • New option to show two pages side-by-side along with cover page
    • Bugfixes for
      • PDF bar layout when narrow
      • Arrow keys on the pdf viewer
      • Bug with synctex when PDF zoomed
      • Clipping of pin button on the pdf toolbar
  • Major additions

    • Added many new Encoding options
    • Multibib typesetting support
    • Xindy typesetting supported via autosense
    • Splitindex support with Autosense
  • Major fixes

    • Fix for bug that could cause apparent duplication of lines in the editor
    • Fix for bug that could cause the external monitor pdf display to dropout when moving between spaces in fullscreen mode on Yosemite and later
    • Fix for the juddery scroll with the symbols picker
    • Fix for problem where escape key could be eaten when entering Chinese text
  • Minor changes

    • Removed unnecessary toolbar buttons in markdown mode
    • Switched the outline filter titles Paragraph -> \paragraph for further clarity
    • Added an ignore all button to the “file does not exist” dialogue
    • Create suggestions will be shown once per file, and that choice is preserved across boots
    • Better layout of messages on home screen
    • Markdown stylesheet updated
  • Minor additions

    • Support for multiple graphics paths of the form \graphicspath{{asdf} {qewr}}
    • \mintinline command in parser and highlighter
    • \lstinline command in parser and highlighter
    • python package supported in parser and highlighter
    • Support for non-standard R installations
    • Localised the On/Off buttons
    • Ldf, Fd, Rtex file type support
    • Added a warning message for users who have disabled recent files in System Preferences
  • Minor fixes for

    • Bug that would stop Texpad being registered as the default TeX editor
    • Bug with Force Full Typeset
    • Bug where bare inputs don’t work with slashes (e.g. \input something/chapter.tex)
    • Bug where jumping to a line in the editor was one line off
    • Bug where focus would change immediately after typeset
    • Bug with editor focus after search/replace
    • Bug where figure* figures missing from outline
    • Bug where plain TeX typesetting didn’t differentiate between different tool types
    • Bug where \include{{./Abstract/abstract}} wouldn’t include the file
    • Bug where Texpad didn’t count words in .txt subfiles
    • Bug where outline didn’t display multiline todo commands
    • Bug with inline option with \newcommand, e.g. \newcommand{\macrotest}[2][inline]{\mathsf{test}(#1,#2)}
    • Bug where sections were missing from the outline when null characters were found in the file
    • Bug with typeset configuration with a dvipdfm option in the hyperref package
    • Bug with item insert in list environments
    • Bug with markdown parser that could cause it to miss header commands
    • Bug opening files with the photo open command
    • Bug with highlighting when mutating end tags of verb environment
    • Bug with highlighting dollars in \newcommand
    • Bug with multiline << >>= type delimiters in Rnw files in highlighter
    • Bug in image preview with paths of the form \includegraphics{../XXX}
    • Bug with excess carriage return at the end of a snippet
    • Bug where spaces are trimmed in global search replace
    • Bug where unindent block didn’t work if you have mixtures of spaces & tabs
    • Bug with restore last file position when clicking a file in the outline list
    • Bug where extra character inserted when navigating with ctrl+f
    • Bug that could cause the cursor to jump from the search field to the editor with autotypeset
    • Bug parsing \include command containing commas
    • Bug with undoing snippet insertion
    • Bug with typeset autosense with the standalone package when used with the convert option
    • Bug with Rnw file support in certain cases
    • Bug with synctex in rare cases
    • Bug with typeset autosense where it would not disable “Hide intermediate files” with minted
    • Bug with typeset autosense where it would unnecessarily switch to xelatex with eps2pdf around

1.7.28 is a maintenance update

  • Fix for TPC connection issue when pulling a large document from scratch

1.7.27 is a maintenance update

  • Fix for bug opening Connect Projects from Organiser.
  • Fix for bug that could cause extremely slow connection to Connect Projects.
  • Fix for ctexart, ctexrep, ctexbook document classes.

1.7.26 is a maintenance update

  • Fix for Knitr when installed with Homebrew.
  • Fix for Smart Typesetting for non-LaTeX typeset jobs with no existing PDF.

1.7.25 is a maintenance update

  • Fix for an issue with typesetting rnw files, when there are capitals in the file extension.

1.7.24 is a maintenance update

  • Fix for crash on Hackintosh computers
  • Fix for problem that could cause files to fail to open after being renamed
  • Fix for typesetting of .ltx and .latex files

1.7.23 is a maintenance update

  • Fix for erroneous error messages with Texpad Connect

1.7.22 is a maintenance update

  • Fix for autocomplete with environments
  • RNW highlighting
  • Fix for rare bugs in global search and replace
  • Fix for Memory leak

1.7.21 is a maintenance update

  • Fixed a bug that could cause problems when typesetting with Sweave.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash during drag and drop.

1.7.20 is a maintenance update

  • Fixed a bug in migration system that could cause Texpad to repeatedly ask for revalidation of certificates in rare circumstances.

1.7.19 is a maintenance update

  • Updated migration system for certificate change.

1.7.18 is a maintenance update.

  • Fixed a bug where TPC could take a long time to connect and sync.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a long pause post-typeset on El Capitan.
  • Updated the icon.

1.7.17 is a maintenance update

  • Bugfix to welcome screen
  • .texw support

1.7.16 is a maintenance update that adds support for OS X El Capitan

  • Fixes for El Capitan users
  • Fix for a problem that would stop automatic retrieval of instance certificates
  • Fix for a problem that in rare cases could cause the file count to read too high
  • Fix for bug with tabs
  • Fix for a parser problem affecting includes containing quoted spaces
  • Fix for rare crash
  • Fix for BasicTeX
  • tikz subfiles
  • Fixed for occasional hang
  • Support for derivatives of biblatex such as biblatex-chicago
  • Clearer ordering of cite keys in the info popover
  • Saving of the PDF state when closing the project window.
  • Fix for smart typesetting with Knitr
  • Fix for rnw and tikz files in the outline view
  • Bugfix for a file switching error that could occur during scroll
  • Bugfix for crash that can occur in conjuction with CMD-Z
  • Bugfixes for
    • TPC file import
    • Unsaved Markdown file will typeset as Markdown
    • \label commands inside \caption{} commands are recognised by autocomplete
    • Fix for syntax highlighting with rare cases of find and replace.
    • Fix for rare crash
  • Texpad handles tikz file extension
  • Index runs separated into makeidx derived, and glossaries derived to fix rare typeset failure
  • Added support for the probsoln package
  • Bugfixes for
    • Rare crash when typesetting
    • Flashing of parenthesis indicators at the end of a file
    • Placeholder characters from autocomplete no longer saved
    • Rare crash related to bad characters in TPC projects
    • Escaped hashes in section titles appear in the outline
    • Problem where a document would continuously report as moved
  • Added autocomplete support for environments defined through \newtheorem commands
  • Editor popovers no longer steal focus
  • Synctex upgrade to allow for fuzzy matching between filenames
  • Bugfixes for
    • Autosense with epstopdf
    • Latin-2 string encoding
    • Undo manager interaction with the syntax highlighter system
    • Autotypeset fires when document is opened if enabled
  • New Translations
    • Brazilian Portugese
    • Chinese
  • Bugfixes for
    • Sluggish behaviour when opening a very large (~400,000 line) file with hanging indent turned on
    • Crashes when closing a document
    • Sluggish diacritic insertion in large documents
    • Unselectable textview fonts in the preferences window
    • Autosense \usetikzlibrary{graphdrawing}
    • Toolbar separators fixed on 10.10
    • Syntax highlighting of non-ascii characters
    • Unnecessary popups for individual latex commands
    • Uppercase .TEX extensions and bibtex
    • Case sensitivity in autofill
    • Missing outline contents with commands nested in sections, captions, etc.

Adds a LaTeX symbol palette to Texpad, and fixes a number of bugs

  • Added in LaTeX “symbol palettes”
  • Greater zoom range with the PDF
  • Bugfixes for
    • Permissions problem when saving
    • Issue that could cause timestamp updates on files after a typeset
    • \includegraphics preview for images without extensions
    • Misaligned text in the autocomplete window
    • Parser problems that could cause incomplete outlines, or high cpu usage
    • CMD-backtick cycling behaviour with certain keyboards
    • %force-texpad-dependency problem (an issue since 1.7.5)

A maintenance update, fixing a number of bugs and adding support for regex backreferences

  • Search and replace regex groups using the $1, $2 in the replacement string to indicate groups
  • Added support for def and let commands in autocomplete
  • Short versions of captions are extracted and used
  • Bugfixes for
    • Versions preview
    • custom command completions with an unsaved file
    • 80 character line breaking with non-ascii characters
    • Issue where custom beamer themes would not appear in the outline
    • Autocomplete with multiple arguments
    • (null) in outline during initial save
    • Pdf preview page number when navigating via arrow keys
    • \newcommand arguments without curly parentheses

A maintenance updating, fixing a number of bugs.

  • Word count improvements
  • Texpad will detect corruption in Biber cache and reset automatically
  • \input statements without braces are supported by parsers
  • Starred \include {document} is supported by parsers
  • Your bibliography appears in the outline view
  • Pin/unpin setting for the pdf toolbar
  • Bugfixes for
    • Issue that could cause documents not to be opened in rare cases
    • 80 Char wrap of lines with no possible break points
    • Typeset Autosense when using biblatex
    • White stripe down the edge of the outline view when mouse with wheel plugged in
    • Image files that did not appear instantly in the outline
    • The parser when there is whitespace and commands between commands/arguments
    • Outline view file browser so that it updates with changes disk
    • Hang in rare circumstances
    • Biblatex commands insert the file extension when autocompleting
    • Global search

Maintenance release - Many bugfixes to smart typesetting and typeset autosense - Fix for manual override of typeset configuration - Performance enhancements with large bibliography files - platex->dvipdfmx chain synctex fix - New find interface for the editor - bibtex8 typesetting bugfix - nomenclature typesetting bugfix - * external monitors autoclose when the main view closes - trailing colon now required for structure commands in comments to match 1.6.x behaviour - 80 char wrap cursor bugfix - Autocomplete bugfix

Maintenance release

  • Performance enhancements
  • Bibtex parser performance fixes
  • 80 char wrap cursor positioning
  • Fix for autocomplete suggestions
  • Manual override fix
  • Editor jumping fixed
  • Hard wrap cursor problem fixed

Maintenance release - tolerance of curly brackets in and out of math mode - fix for the license system - don’t show changed outside texpad alert for image - scroll gutters widened - autotypeset update fix - autoclose parens hidden for now - autosense fixes - suppressed # arguments in section titles (and the placeholder char) - fix to typeset chains using ps2pdf - a fix to shared locations in settings (fixes setting of TEXINPUT, BIBINPUTS, BSTINPUTS)

Maintenance release - Fix for freeze that occurs in rare cases with duplicate recent urls - Fix for autocomplete sorting

Texpad 1.7 is our biggest update yet, in fact is more a new app than it is an update. We hope you like it, and as always, if you have any feedback, please let us know at


Typesetting has been rewritten, streamlined and upgraded. CMD-B, CMD-I, CMD-L etc. have been dropped in favour of a single CMD-T, which should do the right thing in every situation, if it does not, we consider that a bug and we would like to hear about. That said, the auto-sense can be overridden and Texpad’s typesetting is more configurable than ever before. Additionally native support has been added for Sweave, Knitr, Plain TeX, ConteXt, etc.

  • Automation
    • Typeset configuration deduced from your document including but not limited to indices(including glossaries, acronyms, etc.), shell escape, bibliography, Knitr, Plain TeX, BibTeX/Biber.
    • Texpad’s new Smart typesetting drops unnecessary typeset runs, which greatly speeds up typesetting.
    • Auto-Typeset uses the smart typesetter to update bibliographies and indices without losing any performance.
  • New Typesetter UI
    • New configuration dropdown exposes the full typeset configuration per-document if you wish to override the Automatic typesetter.
    • The errors and log have been moved to a toolbar dropdown to stop them interfering with your PDF view, and we have added an indicator of typeset status on the toolbar itself.
  • In addition to LaTeX, there is now builtin support for
    • Knitr/Sweave
    • Context
    • Plain TeX
  • There is no need to save a document before typesetting. Paste a snippet of TeX into a new window, and typeset to a PDF without ever having to save it to disk.


  • Edit multiple files side by side in the new tabbed editor.
  • The new look toolbar is now collapsible, saving valuable screenspace on small laptops.
  • New wrapping modes for the editor
    • Hanging indent
    • 80 character hardwrap
  • New syntax highlighter
    • Fixes many issues with old highlighter such as dollar signs in begin/end verbatim.
    • Adds highlighting support for inline R, Sweave, Python, Lua, Haskell.
    • Highlighting support for R files from within Texpad.
  • Spellcheck is LaTeX aware. LaTeX commands are now ignored by the Spell checker.
  • New outline view
    • Document information displayed in the outline, e.g. Word Count.
    • Updates much faster than the 1.6.x outline.
    • In addition to original document structure view, there are now lists of Labels, Figures, Tables in the outline.
    • You can reference any outline item in your document by dragging and dropping it onto the editor.
    • Browse and manipulate project files from the outline.
    • The cursor position is indicated in realtime in the outline - you never need get lost again.
  • Window configuration is persisted, your documents will pick up just as you left them.
  • Share button on the toolbar, email a zip of your entire project directly from Texpad.

  • Global Search

    • The Global search results have been moved to a dropdown to stop them interfering with your PDF view, and we refreshed the UI.
    • Regex support has been added to the global search.
  • Jump to (new)

    • CMD-SHIFT-O will open the new jumpto window, type part of label, file, section, citation name and Texpad will jump the editor straight there.

PDF view

  • New PDF toolbar
    • Zoom buttons have moved to the toolbar, and you can now click the percentage to alter it manually.
    • Page count added to the toolbar.
  • If you have an external screen, click the monitor icon, choose the screen and your PDF will be displayed on that external monitor.
  • Synctex Lock: turn this on and the editor and PDF will scroll as one.


  • New clearer, preferences window.
  • New organiser window.
  • External changes are handled more smoothly now.

Maintenance release for Texpad 1.6.x series whilst we prepare Texpad’s 1.7.0 update.

  • Bugfix for Texpad Connect

Maintenance release for Texpad 1.6.x series whilst we prepare Texpad’s 1.7.0 update.

  • Bugfix for typesetting Sweave documents
  • Miscellaneous fixes for niggles when running Texpad on OSX Yosemite

Maintenance release with miscellaneous bugfixes

  • Added TPC import button when using German localised Texpad
  • Fix for synctex bug which could occur in rare cases when synctexing between subfiles
  • Fix for crash with tpc file browser
  • Fix for bug where Markdown conversion would incorrectly convert angled brackets

Maintenance release with miscellaneous bugfixes

  • Fixed problem where the autocomplete window does not appear in small documents on OSX 10.9.2
  • Fix for bug where autotypeset runs on all open documents, not just the edited document.
  • Fix for rare syntax highlighting bug
  • Fix for rare crash when closing a document
  • Removed old Help PDF link and redirected to new Texpad Help Centre
  • Fix for Synctex failure that can occur in rare cases when a filename has non-ASCII characters The only way this differs from 1.6.10 is a fix to the code signing

Maintenance release with miscellaneous bugfixes

  • Fixed problem where the autocomplete window does not appear in small documents on OSX 10.9.2
  • Fix for bug where autotypeset runs on all open documents, not just the edited document.
  • Fix for rare syntax highlighting bug
  • Fix for rare crash when closing a document
  • Removed old Help PDF link and redirected to new Texpad Help Centre
  • Fix for Synctex failure that can occur in rare cases when a filename has non-ASCII characters
  • Fix for bug so that images are not
  • Fix for bug that could cause lag when editing
  • Fix for commit aggregation in TPC
  • Fix for bug where it does not pick up TODOs
  • Clicking line number view selects the editor
  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Fix for bug with the Import button when not signed into TPC
  • Help centre
  • Texpad Connect project import
  • More accurate synctex jumping
  • Ellipsis for truncated cells in the outline view
  • fref support
  • General stability improvements
  • Fixed problem with custom build scripts introduced with 1.6.5
  • Fixed bug with auto-detect typesetter when running it on make index.
  • Fixed bug with the new from template code
  • Auto-detecting of Makeindex fixed
  • Full markdown support
    • syntax highlighting support in the editor
    • typeset markdown documents with LaTeX
    • view document structure in the outline pane
    • collaborate on markdown documents with Texpad Connect
  • Many bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Fix for X11 affecting ps2pdf
  • Bug fixed that could cause a crash as the window was closed.
  • Bug fixed that could cause oversized error view cells in certain circumstances.
  • Bug with case insensitivity in autocomplete fixed
  • Line numbers bug fixed
  • Improved support for basic TeX
  • Fixed issue with licensing system for motherboards with no serial number
  • Fixed issue where aborting typesetting with CMD-. could leave the button spinning
  • Automatic resize in PDF view fixed
  • Bug with premature wrapping at 44th column fixed
  • Tooltip crash related to PDF sync fixed
  • A tooltip related crash fixed
  • Switching of views persisted over app launches
  • Improvements to LaTeX distribution search code, incl. BasicTeX
  • PDF auto-resizing fixed
  • Bug fix for the licensing system for emails containing a plus sign
  • Larger fonts available
  • Empty labels removed from the \ref autofill
  • Abort typesetting bug
  • Bug fixes for the infite loop in auto-detect typesetting when using makeindex.
  • Stability imporvements to opening files with encoding.
  • A fix for working with the bibliography engine biber.
  • Bug fixes for the error log parsing.
  • SyncTeX improvements.
  • Window resize after typesetting bug fixed.
  • Drag and drop issues fixed.

Texpad 1.5 is the first version distributed outside the App Store and it comes with many new features.

  • Auto typesetting
  • Snippets
  • Autocomplete improvements
  • Many minor fixes
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