Support  //  Texpad OS X Release Notes  //  Version 1.8.4
Version 1.8.4

Tue 8 May 2018 15:04:32 BST

  • Duplicate option
    • Single file Duplicate under the file menu has been restored
    • Duplicate entire project option has been added
  • Global Search
    • There is now a Case sensitivity option for Global Search, normal and Regular Expressions under the search menu accessed by clicking the magnifying glass.
    • A Regular Expression option has been moved to the search menu. You can no longer trigger Regular Expression search with enclosing slashes, you must use the menu. This is necessary because it now allows users to search for terms such as /$/ without accidentally triggering regular expression search.
  • TexpadTeX packages can automatically download when required. There is a permission option on the TexpadTeX bundle manager screen to allow this. You will be prompted the first time to do this.
  • Minor enhancements
    • Cleaned up 1.7 era files from the App Support folder
    • Find bar in the editor now shows the result count
    • Organiser file icons have been improved
    • Right-click/context menu in typeset issues list now allows copy to clipboard
    • Added an option to export .bbl (and other intermediate files) when using TexpadTeX
    • The active build script is now displayed on the typeset bar
    • Added a setting to choose whether or not to jump to errors post-typeset
    • Pressing Escape in the global text and tag search fields will now shift focus to the editor
    • Up and down arrows keys will now navigate through the tag search table
  • Fix for
    • Issue where PDF pages could end up out of order in the viewer
    • Incomplete info view for citations in the autocomplete windows
    • \synctex command with TexpadTeX
    • Fix for Jump’ button in autocomplete popover
    • Autosense with gastex and a number of LuaTeX specific commands
    • TexpadTeX to turn off with the nomencl and mtpro2 packages
    • Crash when importing projects to Texpad Connect with non-local documents
    • TexpadTeX search paths
    • Global build scripts list in the typeset config window
    • TexpadTeX retypesets after a bundle is installed
    • App-wide auto-typeset setting used with external typesetter
    • Export project as folder to use relative, rather than absolute, paths
    • Remote connect project creation notification
    • Autofill with Bibtex files that have an escaped close curly bracket in the bibtex entry
    • Issue with connect where it could lockup when opening a tpc document with wifi connected, but no connection to server possible
    • CMD-T with TexpadTeX in an unsaved file

Auto-update from within Texpad or download here

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