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Version 1.7.29

Texpad 1.7.29 (83)

  • PDF Viewer

    • New rewritten viewer to solve memory leak problem with certain PDFs, and many other bugs
    • New thumbnail view
    • New option to show two pages side-by-side along with cover page
    • Bugfixes for
      • PDF bar layout when narrow
      • Arrow keys on the pdf viewer
      • Bug with synctex when PDF zoomed
      • Clipping of pin button on the pdf toolbar
  • Major additions

    • Added many new Encoding options
    • Multibib typesetting support
    • Xindy typesetting supported via autosense
    • Splitindex support with Autosense
  • Major fixes

    • Fix for bug that could cause apparent duplication of lines in the editor
    • Fix for bug that could cause the external monitor pdf display to dropout when moving between spaces in fullscreen mode on Yosemite and later
    • Fix for the juddery scroll with the symbols picker
    • Fix for problem where escape key could be eaten when entering Chinese text
  • Minor changes

    • Removed unnecessary toolbar buttons in markdown mode
    • Switched the outline filter titles Paragraph -> \paragraph for further clarity
    • Added an ignore all button to the “file does not exist” dialogue
    • Create suggestions will be shown once per file, and that choice is preserved across boots
    • Better layout of messages on home screen
    • Markdown stylesheet updated
  • Minor additions

    • Support for multiple graphics paths of the form \graphicspath{{asdf} {qewr}}
    • \mintinline command in parser and highlighter
    • \lstinline command in parser and highlighter
    • python package supported in parser and highlighter
    • Support for non-standard R installations
    • Localised the On/Off buttons
    • Ldf, Fd, Rtex file type support
    • Added a warning message for users who have disabled recent files in System Preferences
  • Minor fixes for

    • Bug that would stop Texpad being registered as the default TeX editor
    • Bug with Force Full Typeset
    • Bug where bare inputs don’t work with slashes (e.g. \input something/chapter.tex)
    • Bug where jumping to a line in the editor was one line off
    • Bug where focus would change immediately after typeset
    • Bug with editor focus after search/replace
    • Bug where figure* figures missing from outline
    • Bug where plain TeX typesetting didn’t differentiate between different tool types
    • Bug where \include{{./Abstract/abstract}} wouldn’t include the file
    • Bug where Texpad didn’t count words in .txt subfiles
    • Bug where outline didn’t display multiline todo commands
    • Bug with inline option with \newcommand, e.g. \newcommand{\macrotest}[2][inline]{\mathsf{test}(#1,#2)}
    • Bug where sections were missing from the outline when null characters were found in the file
    • Bug with typeset configuration with a dvipdfm option in the hyperref package
    • Bug with item insert in list environments
    • Bug with markdown parser that could cause it to miss header commands
    • Bug opening files with the photo open command
    • Bug with highlighting when mutating end tags of verb environment
    • Bug with highlighting dollars in \newcommand
    • Bug with multiline << >>= type delimiters in Rnw files in highlighter
    • Bug in image preview with paths of the form \includegraphics{../XXX}
    • Bug with excess carriage return at the end of a snippet
    • Bug where spaces are trimmed in global search replace
    • Bug where unindent block didn’t work if you have mixtures of spaces & tabs
    • Bug with restore last file position when clicking a file in the outline list
    • Bug where extra character inserted when navigating with ctrl+f
    • Bug that could cause the cursor to jump from the search field to the editor with autotypeset
    • Bug parsing \include command containing commas
    • Bug with undoing snippet insertion
    • Bug with typeset autosense with the standalone package when used with the convert option
    • Bug with Rnw file support in certain cases
    • Bug with synctex in rare cases
    • Bug with typeset autosense where it would not disable “Hide intermediate files” with minted
    • Bug with typeset autosense where it would unnecessarily switch to xelatex with eps2pdf around
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