Support  //  Texpad iOS Release Notes  //  Version 1.7.6
Version 1.7.6
  • Fixed bug that could cause crashes whilst typesetting

  • Added an “Ignore All” button to the automatic file create dialogue

  • Support for \mintinline in the highlighter

  • Support for \lstinline in the syntax highlighter

  • Fix for parser bug that could cause missing sections (common, but no iOS reports)

  • Fix for bug with autosense that would ignore the dvipdfm options passed to the hyperref package

  • Fix for item insert in list environments

  • Fix for issue with markdown parser that could cause it to miss header commands

  • Fix for graphicspath command in the case of multiple path components

  • Fix for \includegraphics autocomplete to allow for graphicspath components

  • Fix for \photo command opening

  • Fix for syntax highlighting when mutating the end tag of a begin/end verbatim environment

  • Fix for syntax highlighting with multiline << ... >>= delimiters in .Rnw files

  • Fix for dollars in newcommand

  • Fix for image preview with include graphics commands of the form \includegraphics{../XXX}

  • Fix for snippets with a carriage return trailing them

  • Fix for unindent block in the case of mixed spaces and tabs

  • Fix for position restoration of files when tapping the outline

  • Fix for include command with multiple subfiles

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