Support  //  Texpad iOS Release Notes  //  Version 1.7.3
Version 1.7.3
  • Fix for an issue where the install/uninstall switch label would not refresh in the bundle manager
  • Fix for an issue that could cause slow connections to Texpad Connect
  • Fix for issue where the last row was not visible in the PDF viewer’s thumbnail mode
  • Fix for visibility of page divider in PDF viewer as you zoom in and out
  • Fix for the file browser so that it returns to precisely the folder you were viewing before you switched away
  • Fix for inappropriate hide/show of the top and bottom bars in the PDF viewer
  • Fix for an issue that would cause the line numbers to become obscured with more than 999 lines
  • Fix for a bug with the live typeset when plugged into a power source
  • Fix so that files opened by the document picker are available from the home screen after rebooting the app
  • A number of fixes for crashes in Texpad
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