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Version 1.7

1.7 is massive rewrite of Texpad to improve workflow, typesetting and collaboration with a new, modernised, UI improves your workflow and makes LaTeX easier to write than ever.

  • Typesetter
    • Brand new onboard typesetter fixes many limitations of the 1.6.x typesetter, runs faster and is more configurable
    • Cloud typesetter supports everything Texpad OSX does: Biber, Makeindex, KnitR, ConTeXt, … to name just a few
    • Brand new bundle manager will keep you up to date with the latest LaTeX packages with minimal downloading
    • Downloads any files needed by the typeset from dropbox, no need for force-texpad-include
  • Editor
    • Upgraded syntax highlighter and parsers improve support for LaTeX and Markdown, and add support for RNW, luatex and others
    • Greatly improved parsers find the document structure more quickly, more accurately, and configure the typesetter for your document
    • Select from a number of editor themes
    • Regular expression support in global search
  • UI

    • Choose between viewing the PDF and Editor side by side, or one their own
    • New log display shows both the raw typeset log, along with details of the
  • Misc

    • Split Screen support
    • File Provider support

Along with a vast number of bug and performance fixes

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