Navigating and fixing LaTeX errors and warnings
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The Error List

Instead of exposing LaTeX’s sometimes cryptic console output, Texpad reads this for you and delivers it to the log portion of the output pane. Each error displayed in the Error List table is categorised by their severity levels as shown below.

Icon Explanation
The red triangles indicate the issues that are essential for obtaining a full PDF out of your LaTeX source code.
Yellow triangles indicate LaTeX warnings, such as those concerning missing packages.
Green errors are the very low level errors to do with layout perfections. Most users would choose not to pay attention to these.

The level of detail you wish to see may be set in the Typesetting pane of the Preferences window.

The Error Log

As Texpad recognises that some LaTeX errors are better understood by reading the full log printed by the underlying TeX tools to the console, it displays this raw output beneath the error list.

Jumping to Errors in the Editor

Clicking on an error will jump to the corresponding line in the editor as well as to the detailed log as shown in the figure below.


Locations in the code the error view jumps to are added to the forward/backward stacks, which means you can move back to the text you were editing by clicking on the Backward button.

Please note that for location jumping, Texpad relies on the raw error log of LaTeX tools, parsing whom is prone to inaccuracies. Please report any issues you encounter to the Texpad team so they can be fixed in a future version.