Misc. Customisations
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Editor Preferences

You may customise your editor by changing the font and size for all documents.


Choose the file encoding you wish to work with. Be careful because if you choose the wrong encoding your documents will fail to open. We recommend you work with UTF-8, it is the most compatible, most widely used and by far the most hassle free option.

Typesetting Preferences

The local typesetter provides the most standard typesetting engines, pdfLaTeX and BibTeX. In addition to the standard options, the cloud typesetter however, provides non-standard typesetting chains such as XeLaTeX and pLaTeX (for Japanese) as well as Biber. Please use these with care, and only for documents that explicitly require it. Once done with such documents, remember to revert the options back to the standard ones.

In addition to the above, you may link and unlink to Dropbox as well as manage your LaTeX packages via the bundle manager. See above sections.