Organiser: The Texpad Home Screen
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The main starting point is the Organiser screen that shows up when you open Texpad. On your iPad, you will see the following screen


While on an iPhone or an iPod Touch,


The ‘Files’ button allows you to access all your files across different storages to add, delete and organise files. The ‘Create’ button is a shortcut for quickly creating a new project to work on.


The app may be customised via the ‘Settings’ button and these help pages may be viewed by tapping the ‘Help’ button.

Recently open documents are presented as a sliding list in above the buttons in the Organiser screen, allowing you to quickly open a document and start working on it.

Once a file or a multi-file project is opened in Texpad, the Project view provides a means to edit it, see its outline, typeset it to create a PDF, import files and image to it and export it via email.